Happens that I’m the only girl in the team and my team and boss don’t expect much from me yet since I’m newly joined. My boss is advising the guy from another team since he’s also using Unity. So the idea is we’d share the resources, ideally to reduce the development time for the different projects.
Today’s team meeting went like this.

Boss: So, is it possible to abstract your features and make it like a package? (I understand he meant as an asset. So all we have to do is try to abstract as much as possible, make some prefab to be ready and reusable for others. Do helpful documentation and setup at the same time for easier integration)

The guy: yaaaaaaa... it’s possible (IT IS POSSIBLE! Wuts there to think so much about?!) but... since our coding style is different, there will be lots of issues when try to integrate. (Not necessarily, it’s gonna be ur own entity, remember the component system in Unity?)

Boss: ya I don’t mean right now. Slowly, we will try to make a library to reuse. So it will be faster and easier to do development in future.

The guy: yaaaa... so u want to make a package? Actually, u don’t have to make a package, u can just download the projects from git repo and put them into ur project. (YAAA??? Why need to download ur whole bloated project and make own project populated with ur testthis testthat scripts? Are those even optimised? Why r u missing the point?)

Boss: Ya sure. I’ll let her try and find out which one is more feasible for integration.

The guy: (still going on abt the idea of making our own feature as an assert, started to talk abt naming convention and all. Started to mention abt how it’d be harder when other ppl try to contribute to the project. WHY? CANT JUST TRY TO USE THE GIT FEATURE? PULL REQUEST? URE THE OWNER OF THE PROJECT, SO WHY NOT DO SOME REVIEWS OR GUIDES IF SOMEONE WANTS TO CONTRIBUTE???!!!)

Then I tried to confirm with my boss.
Me: So now I’ll have to try integrating Senior’s code with mine and see if his feature can be integrated in my scene.(my senior has alr done quite abit on his feature and IT IS ANOTHER STORY. COM.PALI.CATED AS HELL, which I don’t want to touch one bit. Halp~ 😭)

The guy: Ya u can try. Just make sure u back up ur project before u try to integrate.

Me: I use git 🙂

The guy: oh...

All this time I was irritated cuz he was sounding all high and mighty and yet doesn’t really seem to grasp the idea of making the feature as an asset for reuse. Or could it be that his code is so complicated, he himself will take some times to do stuffs?

I was irritated by him since day one. The way he talks, all high and mighty as if he knows inside out of Unity development. Oh and he went to Unity for interview last time, and ppl there recognised him when we visited yesterday. And the guy from unity told us, if u guys want to know anything, u can ask him. (Really?)

And it seems I’m not the only one. My senior is generally a good guy. He’s hardworking and he seems to know his stuffs. That guy also seems to rub him in wrong way. My senior will get defensive when the guy comments sth abt his features or tries to show he’s more proficient with Unity. It may be so but judging from backing up the file without git? Nah....

One day, just one day. I will see his codebase. And if I find out that his code isn’t as impressive as he tried to make himself, I WILL FLIP HIM SO HARD, TILL HE CHOKES AND DIES ON HIS OWN DISGUSTING FAT DICK!

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    Awesome rant 😊
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    @mojo2012 Thanks. And thank u for reading till the end 😁
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    P.S. I mentioned being only female in the team, cuz I came to a point thinking ‘is he trying to show off or having some kind of dick-ego?Thinking this girl doesn’t seem to know a thing. Is there such a thing as dick-ego?’ (Pls pardon my language.)😅
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    This was pretty awesome until the end. Now I'm scared because I too am a Male (although I dont feel superior to anyone else)
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    @steaksauce thanks! No worries, I’m sure ure an awesome senior.
    Just him. Luckily he’s not from my team. My boss and seniors are awesome ppl. 😁
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