I'm a geek. I love programming alot and I post programming memes and educational posts daily in my Instagram stories. There were many people in my profile who don't even know what programming is and when they see someone coding or sharing something related to coding, they call him/her hacker. That's what I used to be called in my Instagram account. I don't even know how to use Kali Linux, neither do I have any backend experience or experience in making exploits nor I shared any post related to hacking. Though I do post about cyber security things but the people are so dumb that everyday I get a new message in which the person asks me 'Bro can you teach me how to hack?', 'Bro let's hack a bank and we'll divide the funds' or 'Can you please hack my GF's account' and shits like that 😂 I'm like 'WTF is this!? What do you think I'm man!?' 😂😂 They all are really way too silly.
Please ++ this if ever happened with you 😂

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    Using kali linux != hacker
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    Like you could hack a bank all along, but the idea never occurred to you, but they deserve half for suggesting it to you...
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    @cjbatz yeah! 😂😂😂😂
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