OK, here are two questions I heard today in a TV quizz. I need you to answer them without looking up or reading the comments and tell me if the contestants in the TV quizz (who are lambda people, with an average IQ and education) have real education and general knowledge issues, or if these questions were really difficult for the layman, since they got them wrong.

I have a great interest in science and astronomy and to me they seem obvious. I cringe when people get them wrong, so I really need to know if it's normal to not know this kind of basic stuff or if there is a real problem her.

Here are the questions :

1) Elon Musk, in February 2018, launched a Tesla car in orbit around a star. Which star was it?

2) How many stars are there in the solar system?

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    fuck elon musk and more then 10
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    @natinaum Serious: Sun and one?
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    🤨not sure if this a joke, or someone doesn’t follow news or look up at the sky from time to time.
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    @C0D4 Many people don't understand that the sun is a usual star, just like the other 10^22 stars out there.

    Joe Blow thinks stars are the small, sparkling spots far, far away, but not that big, bright, hot thing just around the corner (or better around the oval...)
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    @ddephor 🤔nope, finding this hard to believe. Must be a flat-earthier mindset.
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    ... Seriously? I learned about the solar system in elementary school.
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    @natinaum Of course.

    I really think there are some big problems with people priorities today. While I understand that there's no need to be a space nerd to be an accomplished human, I think that a very basic understanding of technology, science, sociology and psychology should be the minimum to have to be able understand and have a critical mind about today's world...

    When people think the moon is a planet (or worse, a star) and Jupiter is one of many stars, I die a little bit inside...
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    technically, our star is called "Sol"
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