Started to get random anxiety / excitement attacks.

I’m not tired of programming, I do my own projects, I have nice friends who care, everything seems just fine. But still I’m somehow absolutely uncomfortable, my heart always running fast, I can’t think, I can’t sleep (it’s 3:30 am here now).

What should I do?

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    I also got nightmares
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    @uyouthe @CoffeeNCode I don't think caffeine will solve your sleeping problem.
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    Mabey you do a bit too much of your own projects?

    When's the last time you went on a holiday?
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    Hope things get better soon man.
    it's always worth seeing a doctor, they know more than a few ranting developers.
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    @Kage agreed. I appreciate the tagging, but I'm by no means qualified to answer with something that will make you better. Please go see a doctor if this persists
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    Treat it like a bug...

    Identify the root cause.
    Evaluate consequences.
    Evaluate alternatives. Pick one.
    Apply the patch.
    Rinse and repeat.
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    I've been through that, now I'm good and these are my conclusions:
    - You need to make changes in your life, only you know what to change and what makes you feel bad
    - You need to learn how to manage stress and release tension, meditating and sport helped me a lot

    I hope you get well soon, good luck
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    @yamidospina oh man, you’re wise. Thank you!
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    @dennie170 @M1sf3t @Kage @CoffeeNcode @karasube
    Thanks! I really appreciate that.
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    Focus on your interest!
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