Did you know that the national center of super-computing in Swiss (CSCS), dedicates 30% of its resources for computations for the Swiss weather channel?

Talk about priorities 😂

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    yes, because we swiss people are getting very angry if the wheater gets calculated wrong. 😎😁😂
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    @2erXre5 I have inside info from the German colleagues, that despite investing x10 more money in computation resources, they got 0% better at predicting rain :)
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    oooh typo found, I meant weather instead of wheater 😂

    And yeah that statement is probably true 😁 @NickyBones
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    Because that is one of the first reason why supercomputer was made. Weather prediction is way more important than it may sound
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    Especially for a country like Switzerland where a storm in the mountains can be quite dangerous.
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