So just now I googled my name and found this website locatefamily.com that contains my full name, my fucking address and even my phone number - what the fuck, how this shit is even legal?

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    There's one site out there that if you pay it'll show your not just your complete file but your nearest relatives it can find a trace of.
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    Facebook, Google and Amazon are your friends 😅
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    In Sweden its even worse. All you need is a persons name and surname. You can then use public databases and know everything about the person: address, birth date, who else lives in that address, phone number, car registration number. For a small extra fee you can get the persons tax income declaration completely anonimously (basically you can know how much the person earns). It just blows my mind about how is that allowed given the EU GDPR regulations. I get that transparency is nice but this is too much
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    @zemaitis Nice tool for burglars. Lives alone and earns a lot? Easy job.

    Or rapists (of Swedish fame) - solo female, young. Party time.
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    @gintko I had the same thing happend here in Germany. This service they provide is highly illegal without you consent.
    I contacted my local lawyer and threatened to sue theirs asses if the won't take down my data within the next 24h hours.
    They only needed 8 hours to respond, but ignored my previous email I wrote them.
    Write to them to take down your Data or sue them.
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    @zemaitis you know somehow i feel that would be better than the what we got over here. The cost of search’s keeps most ppl from using them so on the one hand you have the government making money off of the data they’ve got in file for you but on the other only large companies or ppl with malicious intent can find it cost effective to get. For most independents and startups, the expense is too great for it to be cost effective to utilize
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    My details are on there too (4 times even).. scary
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