I wonder if I should open source CZip....
It saves data usage of streaming movies.
2hr movie = about 500mb data usage

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    You should
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    Shouldn't it be moral duty? 😂
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    @dmonkey I have been thinking for years, but I am planning to show off in the programming contest later this year or next year...
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    How does this work? It requires this compression algorithm to be used on server as encoder and on client as decoder? Wouldn't just (re)encoding video/audio using better codec be superior approach?
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    Does it use middle-out compression? 😏
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    @arraysstartat1 @tuc0w There is some quality degraded (if that's the right word)

    The compression is used on a server, and the encoder in client side needs some pre-data downloaded in advance. (about 10gb)

    What is middle-out compression?

    And thanks, I couldn't think of the word compression at the time of writing, it is called CZcompress
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    What’s its Weisman score?
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    @620hun probably 5.2
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    @620hun 6? 7?
    I made for personal use, no thought in efficiency
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    @620hun I don't think @CozyPlanes gets the joke :)
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    @netikras @620hun I am afraid this is true :/
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    what resolution/video bitrate/audio bitrate/video format/audio format/container is example movie?
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