When you become a senior ? Simple when you understand that all the clients/users want is only one thing .... an EXCEL .
All that they ultimately want is fucking EXCEL !
They will make you implement a dozens of webpages (views etc) , with huge interactions etc . The ultimate goal is to extract data from those and to put it in ...you guessed it ...AN EXCEL. (or xls)

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    I've recently discovered how true this is. I never thought I'd be doing so many god damn excel sheets as a dev, but here we are.. An essential office life skill, I'd say.
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    Writing excel exports since day 1

    Mastered it with interactive charts and remote data connections
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    "Hey I really like your application! It is so easy to add people to different entities and it is soo easy! I also just adore the charts that update automatically each time a new order is made"

    Thanks it was fun to build as well! Sounds like you're using it nicely

    "Yeah! But can I export it to Excel? Then I can show my supervisor how we're doing"

    Ehm... can't you just give her an account so she can monitor everything in real time?

    "No, Excel"
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    This is way too damn accurate.
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    You my friend made my day.
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    @alexbrooklyn you my friend sound like a senior dev !
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    Excel can import CSV which is so easy to write that you should be glad they want Excel!
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    This.. is depressing to read. All I ever want is to get my shit out of excel and into a dataframe...
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    So true, but sometimes there is an use who says "Excel (XLS) is from the Devil"...so we have use CSV instead...they still open it with MS Excel >.<
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    Huaeuh this...

    Check this out https://devrant.com/rants/2026303/...
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