I'll just get that pretty video and convert it to a gif before posting it on Facebook..

Mm.. quite large at 40Mb for a gif..

I'll just make it smaller..

FX [ Googles gif compressor websites.. ]

"Sorry, max size 35Mb.."

"Sorry, max size 15Mb.."

Maybe I'll just try uploading it to Facebook as 40Mb and see if it works..

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    Use mp4 wherever possible, can typically store video of equal quality in 10% of the space. Gif is an old standard and was good for animated images back in the day but there are better alternative now ;)
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    @tokumei webm is incredible, too
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    A 40 MB GIF video? What drugs are you on?!
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    GIF stores each frame independently as it has no mechanism for compression across frames like basically any video codec. This also means that a size reduction can only be achieved by a frame rate reduction or a image downscaling, which is much more noticable than lossy video compression.
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    Well there was this 5 second GIF I saw when googling, that I thought was just right for my point.

    But when I followed the trail to find it, I ended up at a video source instead..

    (You kinda expect on a site that says "GIF's" to find, well, GIF's..)

    A webm file incidently..

    So, downloaded that, then found a site to convert that to a GIF.

    I didn't think it would end up as 40Mb !
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    It seems nowadays, you are often restricted to posting images, or GIF's in forum like sites.

    URL's often get auto-deleted if you are like me, a chatty person and post lots..

    Some sites like you post YouTube links, but then not all show the preview..

    Some don't even like old fashioned GIF's..

    Or if your picture is too big, or too small, or not square..
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