Finally. My router got support for OpenWRT. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Lets grab that serial port and flash it.

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    Shouldn't you be resting???
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    Good luck.

    >inb4 EU bans custom firmware on everything with radio..
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    @ttomovcik Not for now. So fuck it.
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    @GyroGearloose Yes im. Dont you see ? Flashing openwrt is resting kind of.
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    @ttomovcik And even if they pass it. Im Never give them up.

    Them = Smartphone, router.
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    Which router?
    Or say, which processor?

    I've got a realtek proprietary shit and they straight away denied on IRC
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    @ttomovcik why the fuck?!
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    Do EU law makers even know what shit are they doing?
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    @gitlog Apparently they dont give a flying fuck about what they accept but most likely this will not pass due to the feedback. 95% negative. Crazy that they even proposed it. They dont know what they are doing.
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    OpenWRT has been fucking irritating. I’ve tried it with two routers and it’s been the worst goddamn waste of time.

    Even finding the ‘correct’ version to install was a nightmare because of conflicting information.

    I loved the install and was really excited about the config options and array of features. But the bugs... FML

    Nonsensical options in drop-downs or options that should have been available in the drop-down menu inexplicably just not there at all.

    Despite those annoying bugs, I successfully set up an older router as a wireless AP repeater with the ability to connect to the repeater with Ethernet cable. Superbly useful at the time. Except it would just crash and reboot every 20 minutes. Had to scrap the idea and just ran Cat6 cable, reflashed the original firmware and used the supported method of setting up a wired AP.
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    @StefanH Ever given DDWRT a swing? Less hassle more function. Limited hardware support dictates the router you buy and it’s still a pain to install, but it actually works flawlessly for me.
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    @StefanH Weird. Never had a single issue with OpenWRT. Maybe try another GUI ?
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    @Haxk20 I’ve given up on trying with the routers I have. One is now very old and I’m at the point in my life where the next round of purchases involving network kit for my home will see me buying all Ubiquiti hardware.

    I don’t want to spend my time tinkering and tweaking obscure things just to get my network to do some nice things. If I buy UniFi mid-tier hardware I know I can set everything up easily and there will be lots of support available if I have any difficulty.

    There’s a lot to be said for a well implemented fusion of OS and hardware.
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