So i’m at the dollar store standing in line to buy a couple drinks and this older lady is a couple ppl ahead of me with a whole buggy full of shit. She’s already checking out when i get there and is apparently having a conversation with the cashier about one of the items she has. Then she picks up another item and starts telling a story about it. Next item, same thing, another conversation.
This pattern continues as the line builds up to 6 or 7 ppl. finally another girl walks up to open a second register. Of course the guy ahead of me immediately walks over as I stand there debating on whether to do the same. The lady we’ve been waiting on is now down to one item and the other guy has 4 or 5 items plus the new cashier still has to open and log in.
I hesitate long enough to hear the lady tell her last narrative and begin thinking of maybe i should just stay put because the other guy still has a couple items to go. However just as i was beginning to consider this completely foolish and idealistic notion, I hear the word checkbook and like a bolt lighting I instinctively shot to the next line.
Like seriously, if there were a 5m sprint in the olympics, someone would be calling to recruit me for it after seeing that. I have time to scan my items and pay just as she’s walking out the door. Luckily she was as slow leaving the parking lot as she was at the register because when I get to murphy’s to buy cigarettes I’ll be damned if she wasn’t standing there in line when I turned around to leave 😂😂😂

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    Was it a Dollar general? There's one of them every corner like damn prostitute or something. 😂😂

    But I hate when this happens. Like it's all fine and dandy if you wanna talk AFTER the cashier checks you out do they can get to everyone else in the line. But let's not be an asshole and hold the line up.
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    @Stuxnet you would be correct sir, it was dollar general 🤣
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    @M1sf3t those shits pop up like zits on a kid going through puberty tbh.

    There's like 5 within a 20 minutes drive from my house lol
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