Someone i helped with a minor pc issue : "Hey remember when you helped me with the printer ? Now my email it's not working anymore is because the things you did on my computer ! Can you make it work again?"
Helping others with their computers is a double edge sword . You lose time by doing it (first edge) and they will blame you for every other problem it will happen after that (second edge) . FOL (f*ck our lives ! )

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    If they know why it is not working for sure why not fix it themself rather than bother you? There is fucktone of factors and they don't know how to fix anything therfore they are the least likely to broke something and you who know how to fix break email for sure :/ Fuck logic
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    @Omnisus man ...as i said F*CK our lifes . I know for sure it happened to you aswell :)
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    I usually react as if i had a higher statud in the tech realm.
    "Excuse I am a web developer, tech support is not my area of expertise"
    wow what a dick
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    Simple. Find a person who does this for a living in your local area. If anyone asks simply say, I don’t do this but phone xxx they will be able to help you. Everyones happy and the local support continues in business.
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    This reminds me of a woman who asked me to teach her how to use a computer and chat on Yahoo! messenger (yep, long time ago). I asked for her password, she doesn't remember. I said I can't login without her password. She goes home and tells everyone that I don't know how to use a computer.
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    @helloworld if you do this ... you're going to be considered "very rude!"
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    @rutee07 well the bright side is that now you can enjoy a barbecue !
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    @sciobotaru Why? It’s being honest and also providing a solution.
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    @sciobotaru Yea 😃 When I said how linux make my girlfriend laptop faster she told that back when she used it it was way faster and run the sims 3. Really doubt that, because it has 4 GB RAM and integrated GPU 😃

    I am always saying that I am not a expert and could try, but don't take resposibility for any damage and if anyone complain anyway, next time I will refuse and point it 😃
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