First internship day!

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    I got one 2 weeks ago. Congrats fam. What field?
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    @henlo supposedly it is C# .NET full-stack (web, desktop, mobile), and it actually is, but they got a last minute client that has a monolithic piece of garbage in VB that we have to refactor.. to give you an idea of what I'm talking about, only the frontend is more than 10000 lines of js + html all randomly mixed up lol the back-end isn't any better
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    But I really enjoyed my coworkers and the space!
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    Lmao u got urself in one heck of a situation. Good luck with that fam.
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    @henlo thanks brah! Ahah
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    @shivayl Great to hear it's been good! Best of luck on refactoring that heck of a codebase...
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