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Isn't docker container similar to chroot-ing?

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    Kinda. But it also gives you virtual networking, copy-on-write, resource management. Think chroot + cgroups + overlayfs + network is running on a separate network interface.
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    @gronostaj Thanks for elaboratingšŸ˜€
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    I wouldn't say so. You can "chroot" into containers though. So you can do that, but containers aren't that

    If it's similar to anything, it would be similar to vms.

    A container is like a vm, but it's containerized aka, in the sense that it won't affect the "host" machine (just like actual vms) but it can also hook up to the host's resources in a very easy way (networking, disk, other stuff).

    Also these containers spawned from images, and these images are created in a very clever and intuitive way using diff algorithms.

    Docker is also not virtualization, this explains it better https://stackoverflow.com/a/...
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    @erandria thanks for the explanation
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    If only there was a category specifically for questions, so you didn't have to !rant...
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