If you ever create an app without consulting UX designer, then at least use pinterest as an example what not to do:

1. Registering to see content - can’t count how many times I left web because of that (even having an acc, sometimes just to lazy to login).

2. Stop fucking forcing user to do things - in pinterest when you create an account you will see a popup to select 5 interests. You don’t want to? Leave. You don’t find 5 things in the list that interest you? Well, that’s your problem you are so boring. And fuck you pinterest, no one cares about your AI algorithms.

3. Do not fucking spam your users. Really, no one cares about what new content your stupid AI algorithm generated daily.

4. And last one, not specific to pinterest, but if you have live pagination, then please scroll user to the top of the screen after changing the page.

UX matters!

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    Ive never understood pinterest, but that might be because I dont have an account and I only make accounts on platforms I deem useful.
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    @Codex404 there’s a lot of ideas you can easily filter out based on topic. I think it would be a good platform, but now it more seems like it’s ran by people who have no idea what they are doing.

    I actually created an account with temp email and fake data, so at least I won’t get those damn spam emails.
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    I use it for collecting recipes. Works well for that. Except the time I was looking for roasts, and got flooded with dozens of pix of desperate, mostly cute, teenage girls holding signs that said, "Roast me..." Don't ppl get enough abuse without having to beg for it?
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    I hate interpest. Depending on my search, it clogs up the search results, and it isn't useful in any way. Usually, I re-search with -pinterest when that happens.
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    UX is important. Which is why I'm constantly amazed by how much of it is so bad, while at the same time UX designers think that they and their creations are amazing.
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    When opening second question page in quora you need to continue with accout to see it.
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    I loved Pinterest in it's early stages, when it didn't spam you yet and adverts were minimal. I understand it's a business and they need to get revenue, but goddammit there must be a less annoying way to accomplish that
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    Or when you want to open a google image and it sends you to pinterest, ugh time to use right click again
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    @Pogromist I can't confirm that. Maybe my adblocker is blocking that part. Or it relies on 3rd party cookies, which I'm also blocking.
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    @Fast-Nop I can confirm your experiences
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