Hopefully, the last dumb move from my previous company. I've been emailing them back and forth using my personal email address since I've been depressed for months and couldn't go to work. I filed my resignation from there and all that shit. My manager processed everything on their end and said the HR will contact me about the clearance process.

I followed up again yesterday and today I received a response that the HR I was talking to has already resigned and that the process was sent to my office email address and that it should be processed a week before my last day. What the fuck, man? It was an immediate resignation and why the fuck would you send it to my office email address when you already know my situation and you just happily sent it to my personal email address now?

Fuck you with all things that is holy. No wonder everyone's resigning. I bet I'll get some shit again for not processing my clearance right away. After all, you've all been power tripping since the day I joined. You're all pathetic and you constantly find a way to bully your employees with your shitty process and medieval slave/master attitude. I'm glad I left you but I don't believe this is the end of my torment.

Goddamn peasant maggots. I hate youuuu! Grr.

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    You're right running from that hell
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    @irene Hell wants me back to their fiery sex dungeon where I'll be endlessly raped by giant octopussies and burned for eternity.
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    @rutee07 raped by tentacles... 🤔 Don't you want such thing? 😏
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    @irene They are tentacles with vagina spores. They want my essence.
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    @rutee07 ke?😐

    Oh... Octopussies...
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    @irene They want my spermy goodness, I tell you!!!
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    Raped by all things that are holy... Don't you think the unholy things have a bigger destruction potential? Just think about a cactus, I don't think they are holy... Just saying...
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    @Wack These people are evil so I imagine a dildo dipped in holy water will make their asses sizzle and melt them away from the insides of their colons.
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    @rutee07 you can bet I want you at my fiery sex dungeon.
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    @hell Ooh, I want those octopenises. :D
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    @rutee07 infinite octopenesises for all eternity.
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    @hell 🍆💜
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    To be fair, if it is a work thing, you have to use work email.
    They probably don't have your personal email stored on the hr shit tool.

    Anyway, get better, hope everything gets sorted soon
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    1. become manic depressed
    2. Go to the office
    3. Make a scene
    4. ???
    5. profit
    6. Resignation is accepted.
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    @NoMad I actually thought of doing that before since they were forcing me to go to the office and giving an ultimatum that they will put AWOL on my record. I couldn't even eat, bathe, or lift myself from the sofa that time. But of course, I didn't have the energy to do anything. Lol. I just need this one bit of paper and I'm completely free. :D
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    Been there done that. Just know that you can help yourself better than anyone else. And many hugs. It's rough, I know. But you're stronger than you think.

    And don't give in to your own demons. In such state of mind, nothing you think of people, specially about yourself, is true.

    And premature congratulations on your freedom 😁
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    @NoMad Thank you. :)
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    Wtf tentacle lair did I walk into
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