Thank you darling, I have worked professionally as a web developer for well over a year now. But hey, at least you somehow figured out CSS is a necessary aspect of my work. Nice birthday present.

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    @Alice and plain English. Don't wanna get too technical up in here.
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    That would be an awesome gift to 90% of the people here who still think centering in css is hard these days
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    Oh css is easy and easy to understand as well. I mean up to the point where you introduce flex boxes and everything goes to shit.

    And on the other hand, me knowing what the attributes do doesn't help me achieve what I want most of the time.
    Same thing with drawing. I know how to draw lines and shit and I know what I want to have as a result.
    The process of getting there is still witchcraft to me.

    TL;DR:Burn the css witches and wizards
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    @HawkCorrigan but but but flex box is the new think that makes your like easy.
    If you think that is hard, you did not live in the era before flexbox
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    It's your birthday too? Congratulations!
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    She tried :) appreciate the effort rather than the book itself
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    @musician do you support IE6?
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    @KDSBest how many devs do you think still need to support ie6?? I'm not saying no one but its probaby in the 0.x%
    Poor souls
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    @musician it's been a long time since I touched webdev. I had to support it back then. But it was a joke ;)
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    @SoulSkrix Where is "Learn React / Angular in 5 minutes"?
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    My other half has this exact same book as she wanted to learn to code.
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