Negative marking in exams is bullshit. I HATE IT.

Ended up getting 1 (+4.5 - 3.5). Won't tell you the total marks though.

If a person spells CAT as KAT he ends up with same negative/zero marks as the one who spells it as XYZ.

Sometimes, I feel like running outta this place.

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    Hey. I have a kat named XYZ. What a coincidence ?

    P.S. Don't worry mate. Exams don't prove anything. Relax. 😁
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    @-red yeah, got one more year here, will be a free bird afterward (really ?).

    And thanks for the ++ bombs
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    I had a class where exams had negative marking, but done properly. If you got it correctly you got a +. If it was mostly correct or even just made sense a 0 for that question, but if it was complete bullshit you got a -1 for wasting graders time.

    I liked that approach.
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    Yeah, university is a bitch.
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    Somebody has been watching Neil degrass Tyson in YouTube
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    Luckily in my university it's not allowed to give negative marks on a question
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