i hate crm because:

- no programming challenge
- headache UI
- 1000 steps if you want to add something

argh i would like to program in assembly blindfolded rather than use a crm. ;__;

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    I think you mean CMS. Crm is customer relation management while cms is content management system.
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    @Voxera no, i hate Customer Relation Management with all my hearth :(
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    then i pray for you, CRMs are in lower levels of hell than CSMs.
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    @Null0x90 ok, you must have had one very bad then as the ones I have seen are not very horrible.

    Except sales force which is not just a crm but almost everything else to ;)
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    @Voxera Salesforce is fine, if you treat it really nicely, and do everything the way it wants... ok you may have a point here 😢 back to my lightning components of hell i go.
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    @C0D4 as always, if you can use the “standard” solution you rarely have a problem, but if you are fine with standard you do not need enterprise level solutions :/
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    @Voxera standard? im not sure i would even reconized this word anymore, and then you get to salesforce and have to implement non-standard functionality in a standard way... that gets painful at times.
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    @C0D4 “We just want a standard solution specific to our business, that should not cost extra,should it, its a standard solution?”
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