The opposite to all Windoose Update rants. Polite Windoose edition.

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    I like the fact that they say "when we are going to restart". They're not even hiding it with a "when we're ready to install", etc. Just straight, "oi, mate, get fucked" :D
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    @Jilano thru wait until you shut down, or is outside the active hours. You can conceivably set your active hours for all day, so that will only update when you shut down.
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    I get reminders from Windows too. I just ignore them because I'm a lazy fuck and it's a good excuse to take a break and say "hey, my Windows is updating" so I can't make a rant about it at all. Lol.
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    BuT mY fOrCeD uPdAtE! Reeeeeeee
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    @Jilano Actually the update is installed already and just waiting for restart to complete
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    People who says "Windows restarts without notice" or similar are the same who says "earth is flat".
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    it took them just 40 years (give or take) to figure it out, i wonder with what they'll come up in the next 40...
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    @pitzyrulz well, in the latest release, Windows will now automatically roll back to the previous version if there is a problem after the update. That's pretty spiffy.
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    @iAmNaN which is pretty much every update nowadays meaning 2x wasted time 😂
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    @pitzyrulz it's not every update even remotely. 😒
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    Yea... Then a big modal window comes up saying something like a reboot is planned for 3:32AM, you click later because you have a project open, hibernate your laptop, put it into your bag to avoid having to swipe the dust off the screen in the morning and fucking windows turns it back on in that bag and displays that modal again when you are already in your bed... ffs, why can't it just stay hibernated, I said LATER!
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    @bytecode if you don't want it to turn off then you should've been rescheduled the reboot time, which you totally could do easily.
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    @irene yea, no... once I figure out a solution to the ACPI "region does mot cover the entire..." bug I will nuke the shit out of the Windows partition
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    I hate the Microsoft hasn't implemented livepatch yet. It's annoying!
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    @aggelalex it has. It can apply all non-reboot updates and then wait for reboot to install all other. That is exactly how my instance is configured.
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    @irene That is not livepatch. Livepatch is to apply reboot-requiring updates and restart services quietly on the background to apply the updates without a reboot. But what an I asking from an OS that can't even delete a file that's open as rw.
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