For some reason we don't have programming classes anymore. In technical college. No programming. At all. My efforts of trying to install any kind of IDE on a school computer were now useless and now I'm going to have a 3 (or C in whatever other grade system) in "IT" at the end if the year because I was doing random shit in class (we JUST got to the "Java-Editor", we didn't even write a test or anything at all) and because I was planning to improve once we actually start programming. Even the people that didn't say a single thing because their minds are too impure for anything slightly more complex than a bag of chips got a better grade! This is so fucking ridiculous.

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    What are you planning to do with the grades anyway. Oh, and don't you follow some kind of a study path that also binds the school to provide the courses?
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    Fuck school indeed.
    But hey don't drag my precious bag of chips into this.
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    @electrineer We didn't have a lot of classes due to really bad planning so we are lagging behind. They're also split in a weird way, so in one class we are doing stuff with advanced motors or something while in the other we are still talking about electricity.
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