Anyone ever use Jetbrains Rider IDE? I am developing C# application in Linux, and although I would absolutely love Visual Studio Full edition, it doesn't exist for Linux, only Visual Studio Code, so it is either that and learn the dotnet command line interface, or find an alternative IDE, Rider is specifically for C# so am thinking maybe is good no?

Downloading it now along with a couple others, if anyone else has any suggestions am open, Also trying SharpDevelop IDE, will post reviews of the ones I try.

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    I use rider at work, so far it does the job very well. My colleagues are on VS.
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    I've been using it for about 10 minutes so far, and LOVE IT!

    so far been doing everything on Linux through dotnet cli, this takes care of everything through IDE.

    Definitely purchasing license today.
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    The only 'jetbrains' product I've been dissatisfied with so far, is Android studio. Other than that, I absolutely LOVE working in their IDEs. Everything is so smooth, and you can make different run configs, so you don't need to change the env variables on your host
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    @hash-table same situation as @Jakuho . I like it a lot.
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    I use phpStorm and have license for it, just glad Linux has Rider because it makes working in C# so much better. So happy with it. Was worried I'd have to figure out how to build all the stuff with dotnet cli which is somewhat a pain in ass
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    Been using webstorm, like it a lot.
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