Only took 2 months for my boss to turn back into a dick after convincing me to stay.

Won't make that mistake a second time.

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    I knew my last boss wouldn't change. Told them I would not stay and its non negotiable
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    problem is you should never accept a counter offer just to stay. the moment they know you’ll quit they just afford time to smooth your exit, and then you’re fucked
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    Haha, people are full of shit. My previous manager treated me like shit even when I was depressed, she kept pressuring me. When I called her to say I'm quitting, she's so nice all of a sudden. She said she'll help me with the HR and even offered to come to my home and visit me. I led her to believe that I will stay then but after a few weeks, I quit. Lol.
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    @rutee07 best move
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    Reminds me of relationships..
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    @Nanos Hahaha. Yes, that's why you should never get back together with your ex even if he/she said he/she has changed. :D
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