Got fired as expected. It's been a funny morning lol.

Co-workers, all of them, had a face of concern because they know how much was on my plate, and how much shit they have to eat.

Ahh, I know I should be worried, but feels like all the chains have been removed. Also, the boss is gonna pay me till next week, so I have some money.

Finally, I can work on my side projects woohoo!

Fuck this place! Now I know how much toxic it was, because getting fired made me fucking happy.

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    Why fired?
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    Details, please. Why did you expect it?
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    @init0 did you drink too many sodas?
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    whoa same story man, the only difference is that i was an intern. :/
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    Toxic work environments drain you.

    You won’t even realise it until you look at from some distance

    Good luck on your future endeavours
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    He ate too much of his plate and had to puke in a meeting. He got fired for delaying the meeting and eating too much precious food!
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    @steaksauce Yeah, I drank it all. 🤣
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    @asgs @matste Typical management bullshit. Over promise customers and get shit on when deadlines aren't met.

    So, I was assigned to two projects because my friend, who was in charge, left for active duty back in October. The deadline had already passed on some critical stuff, so it was a shit show when I got the project.

    Lack of communication between the client and my ex-boss meant that I had to figure most shit out on my own. My job description says Junior developer, but I was working as a Project Manager.

    I used to get "Fix this now!", "Why isn't it done?" from both the client and my boss. Ironically they had less clue about the application and it's working than I had, which made it very very fucking difficult. I was going through past messages just to figure things out. I managed to fix some bugs and it took a long ass time. I couldn't even seek help from others as they were clueless too, and I couldn't contact my friend because he is somewhere in the fucking Middle East!

    In conclusion, I'm not experienced enough to handle 2 big broken projects, so yeah I was removed from them and fired.

    I'm a victim of technical debt. They can't afford to keep me.

    Open terminal
    init 0
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    @init0 can you rant this? 😆
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    @init0 pathetic situation. Glad you got out of it
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    Been there. Worth it. But keep an eye out for new jobs. You'll do fine in a month or two. :)
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    Damn, horrible company. I felt a great relief after I quit mine too though I still need to get my clearance.
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    Just be happy the toxicity has an end.

    I recently left my old job and when people ask me if I regret anything I reply: not having quit earlier.
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    OP be like:
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    @achehab change the second slide to the dog walking out the door, explosions and fire behind him, saying "IM FREE!"
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    Do you think in hindsight that next time you'd be able to figure out the workload would be too much and you'd say you couldn't do it, unless they hired more staff to help ?
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