Today I submitted one of the worst PR's of my life.
We have to use a service which was developed sometime during the cold war and we query data from it. The exchange is soap.
When you just query the service, it returns over 50k lines of gibberish.
It would stand to reason thay a flag called include X information set to false in the request would eliminate only that section(largest of those 50k). Well... not really...
What actually happens is that everything except the basic information gets excluded once you apply a filter. In order to get the rest of the necessary data, you have to specify flags with the value of 'true' for each section. There are over twenty sections.
Long story short, my pr was over twenty lines of 'setX(true)'. It's horrible and I hate myself for doing it but at least the 50k lines are down top 911 useful ones.

Also, the company that still maintains this crap said that this is perfectly ok. 😐

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