You know how it is, you are doing ok with your tatty made from salvaged spaceship dodging the pirates and doing a spot of mining.

When you start asking for advice..

How could I do things better ?

Well, everyone and their dog says what a rubbish setup you got and how you should get a top of the line model Tesla or something.

So, after much research about how much better those are, and listening to everyone else, you trade in your old model for a newer one..

Then you find out what a piece of junk it is !

It's 10 times more complicated to use, not really fun anymore..

It isn't quite as good, you worry it is going to break every time you park and bump the side of the parking bay..

Too late now, you traded in your old piece of junk that you loved..

It's just not the same..

It looks prettier I guess..

Perhaps that is a metaphor for relationships. :-)

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    Ended my marriage with my first girlfriend because I thought she was crazy, I was never so wrong in my life...
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    With me, I usually find out too late they was crazy !

    I think I'm getting better though these days, dodged a few bullets recently.

    What made you think she was crazy ?
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    @Nanos just the usual "my reasons are more relevant than yours on similar actions" , "you must have done that on purpose" , etc...

    But I've been seen some fuuuuuucking crazy woman lately, WTF... If you ever find someone has or might have "borderline" disorder just leave on the spot. That is my advice.
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    @hell Fuck them first then leave is also a pretty good advice. Just remember to see them only once. Haha.
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    Remember not to use your real name, and not meet at your place so they don't know where you live !
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    I'm the crazy one in the relationships :3
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