I don’t like Amazon but boy is AWS S3 Glacier a cheap place to store unencrypted SQL Backups.

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    Why would you ever?
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    @Root depends on the data tbh. If it's just say content from your blog then I think it's fairly safe (as presumably that is publically accessible via the site anyhow).

    Storing user data on the other hand is very insecure...
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    @Root well when you disable all access to the bucket and require the SDK and IAM credentials then why not?

    But if you leave that bucket open to the world... then I’m with you 😨
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    @C0D4 the bucket is always open to aws
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    @hell the bucket, but not it’s contents.

    If you used the canned private acl, then only the owner can access the contents.
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    @C0D4 I don't trust people to do their jobs correctly because they soo often don't.
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    @Root thats something we have in common then
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