ugh, forgot it was trash day... again🤦🏻‍♂️
What’s worse is that i’m lying here on the couch without the radio or tv on so i can hear the brakes of the truck from two miles down the road. Plenty of time to walk out and drag the cans to the road.
And I’ve been up since six this morning so it’s not like i gotta run out the door half dressed to do it. Nope, works just picking up a little, so I decided to go back to a more “normal routine,” as my father likes to call it.
Studied react a little bit over coffee when I first got up, but about two cups in my body started applying the brakes, stating that we we’re not supposed to be up right now and no amount of coffee was going to bribe us.
Plus this is mississippi so of course it’s fucking raining outside. That not only makes me loathe getting my day started even more but it also makes me feel for the guy riding on the back of trash truck in all this shit.
Just pass me on by mr trash man, not going to flag you down and make you wait today. Thank god that also means it’s Friday.
Oh motivation, where are you 🙄

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