How do I choose the right distro?

I have a new DevOps job. For that I may switch to a Linux distro of my choice.

I am struggling to make the choice between Manjaro and latest Fedora WS.

I primarily use XFCE and bspwm.
And my job involes a lot of automation tools, docker, kubernettes, python3, tcp dump and some shell scripting.

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    I'd say go for the system you're most comfy/familiar with.

    We mostly use CentOS for servers at work so Fedora would be logical but I prefer Debian/Ubuntu and KDE so I went for Kubuntu :)
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    Debian with XFCE it is!
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    @linuxxx this is good advice but I can't apply it to my situation. I am don't like customizing my build visualy since I spend my most of time In the terminal.

    Manjaro offers decent looking xfce out of the box. Fedora is just a base install (they even use xscrensaver, which I hate)

    But as I want to specialize more in RHEL Fedora offers a good playground. My logic is the if I use something close to RHEL I should get handy with it.
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    @asgs Debian stable is just a bit out if date for my work.
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    "yOu sHoUld uSe ArCh LiNux"
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    @b4dev Why can't you apply it to your situation? Genuinely wondering:)
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    @HampusMa The number of *buntu variants is amusing. I didn't realize there's this many.

    Given the choice at work, I'd go with Slackware.

    But people at my workplace requires either Ubuntu or CentOS 7, so there's that.
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    @linuxxx because I feel familiar with Manjaro as much as Fedora.

    The comfy-ness is my dilemma right now!
    I want to feel comfortable with installing and devoting time to maintain to the build.
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    @b4dev My comment pretty much said "choose what you want" haha, that's why I was surprised ;P
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    @HampusMa I like how graphic designer is just a normal user who has not used Linux before
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    if u wanna have fun with it, gentoo
    if u want latest and greatest stuff, arch

    otherwise, debian or manjaro depending on ur choice of package manager and if AUR interests u
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    @HampusMa I guess this is the reason why I tried so many distros but stuck with Linux Mint for three years. It's right there!
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    @HampusMa if you are a hobbyist geek, you should try arch. After you have tried, you should move to Debian.
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    @electrineer I already use arch and I wont stop
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    @HampusMa check your diagram, you should move to Gentoo/CentOS/Debian/Slackware if you still are a hobbyist geek

    That is, unless trying arch turns you into a business person, normal person, graphical designer, or a dev.
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    @electrineer it's one of the famous superpowers of Arch to turn mortals and hobbyists into technorati (a.k.a. developers)


    But on the serious side, for me documentation is always the top argument.
    That means for me Arch, Gentoo or Ubuntu.

    As all come in flavors, my highly subjective personal favorites are:
    - Anarchy linux for Arch (basically just an installer)
    - elementary for Ubuntu (cause it looks nice)
    - pure Gentoo (I never stuck to it long enough to find something else, because of compile times )
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    I believe two things:
    1) if you got a devops job this question came way to late, you should already know.
    2) debian stable is good for everything, you can always update the parts you need to be updated.
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    Whatever you're comfy with but: you should get something roughly similar to your servers. When you manage enough VMs, it gets annoying to switch between yum and apt and pacman. Where is this configured? "File not found? Dafuq it's.... Not a Debian system. So that file would be somewhere else... Right. *Sigh*

    Save yourself the trouble.
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