I want to start writing articles/tutorials related to front-end, but where and how without being repetitive with documentation?

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    Problems you had and solved is how many people do it.
    Some just state their experiments making it easier for others.
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    Bring up your own website or blogspot or publish to medium or slideshare or whatever is easy enough

    Now regarding repetition, WWW is a big unsorted data structure. So, trying to write something new needs something that you invented. So unless you are doing that, don't worry about repetition.

    If you want to help, write articles on what problems you faced and how you got over them
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    What @Hubot-0x58 said. I publish articles online too, usually based on problems I encountered myself. Some of them reach the top result when searching for those keywords. I receive emails from people who say they wanted to do something similar and that my tutorials helped.

    It's almost impossible to write something that no one has written before but if you tailor your articles based on personal experience, it could be a real gem.

    Best of luck.
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    @rutee07 are you doing that on your own website or somewhere else? I was thinking about going on medium or maybe dev.to
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    @smb26 I used to do it on HubPages, I just recently transferred the articles to my own website. The good thing about HubPages is they review your articles if it's good quality or not. They also have templates specific to your topic. For programming, they have capsules for code widgets. I'm not sure other platforms offer that. They also have separate niche websites depending on your topic. For example, Turbo Future is mostly for computer-related articles.

    You don't have to do much, actually. You just have to write and publish the article and they will review it. If it's good quality then it will be featured and you'll get more viewers. If they think it fits the niche, they will also move it to the niche website.

    It's a good place to start.
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