I can only work at night. How am I expected to get an office job? I think wearing a shirt, tie, and uncomfortable trousers is a damn nightmare.I think bowing down and kissing your boss's ass is a nightmare. Yet I wish to immigrate so I have to get a job, and worse, go to college, something I have already tried, and failed at. Woe is me!

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    Move to my country. It's like all IT companies have mid or night shift work schedules. I used to like it but now I prefer morning shift. It was pretty hard to find morning shift jobs here these days. Several years of night shift work does take a toll on your health regardless how nocturnal you think you are. It's worth a try though.
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    I wonder why people think it’s a requirement to kiss bosses’ asses. You owe them respect and professionalism, not a blow job.
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    @smb26 depends on where you work 😉.
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    @BadFox ah sure, as a sexual escort or prostitute is another thing, but I hope people won’t let this become a synonym to programmer xD
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    @smb26 it would be really amusing tho. 😁
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    Most worthwhile IT jobs don't require a tie; t-shirt and shorts are common. The people that should be dressing up are those that interact directly with customers.
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    Shirt and a tie sounds more like sales department
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    Starting from the "I can't work during the day" thing. Those limitations are 9 times out of 10 just bullshit that we make for ourselves. If you for some medical reason can't work during the day then try and freelance.

    And you have a very unrealistic idea of what jobs are, probably due to lack of experience. That is fine tho. Not really your fault.
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    @rutee07 Wonderful! Where are you from?
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    @AleCx04 I get my sense of how an office is from American movies and TV shows. Here things are much worse. For example, this one time, I went to an interview as a kid. I was only 17, passing myself as 22. The guy asked the freaking programmer to bring him a pot of tea! Most offices are damp, ugly places where the boss abuses you to no end. I would kill to work in West. Here, you either work for the government, which requires you to be a pious government sympathizer, or work for the private sector, which is "some guy with a dream". Thankfully I can speak passable English therefore I can freelance for some real people, like Westerners.
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    In my department, we have three engineers running around in metal shirts, me included.
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    @Fast-Nop hahaha we too.

    You don't have to kiss anyone's ass if you are good. And you set your own rules, within some limits.
    For example our ceo asked us to not dress up as gorillas when there are officials coming to the office. He even gives us few days notice.
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    @Chubak The Philippines.
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    > If you for some medical reason can't work

    > during the day

    One solution for that is to live/work someplace that never has daylight, then you forget what time it is !

    I'm reminded of a friend of mine who worked for 20+ years only during the day every day, but underground, as such when they came to the surface it was always night-time.
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