Boss: *views my LinkedIn profile*
Me: Maybe he regrets hiring me.

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    He should have done that before hiring you^^
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    @CoffeeNcode He did. This is the second time and I'm already hired for three weeks. He did it on a work day so now I'm paranoid. Haha.
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    @rutee07 maybe he just wanted to know if you were qualified in some specific area before he threw something your way? I wouldn't be concerned if you haven't been there for long. He probably doesn't remember everything about you yet.
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    @Elyz Maybe. They are exposing me to new technologies. I've been honest during the interview and he said it was all good. I was able to deliver my tasks and learn the new stuff fast. Maybe I'm still anxious about this new job. Maybe I will relax more after a few months. I just don't want to fail. My brain just wouldn't stop overthinking.

    Thanks. That made me think about it a little less. What you said makes a lot more sense than what my brain is telling me.
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    @rutee07 I know that feeling, and in my experience it does die down a bit after a few months. I spent the first couple of months of my current job waiting to get booted out once they discovered I was a scam and not what they expected but it never happened.

    I'd be careful about asking this soon but maybe somewhere around the 1-1,5 month mark you could ask your boss how he/she thinks you're doing so far and if there's anything they'd like improvement on? That also shows that you care and are willing to work to be better. Best of luck!
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    @Elyz I had the exact same feeling when I started. I know that working up the courage to ask for that talk can be hard, but it does show willingness to improve
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    What's in your profile there?
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    @irene The typical shit: previous companies, skills, projects, website, etc.
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    You are definitely not alone in this. It even has a name, imposter syndrome
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    In my first month of work, one of my bosses used to enter pretty frequently on min because he wanted to see if I added the company to actual workplace and what I wrote on the job’s description. I ended up updating just to get rid of him
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    @smb26 Your boss is crazy.
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    @rutee07 yep, the funny thing is that I didn’t want to update because I had the fear I wouldn’t survive the probation period
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    @smb26 Haha, me too! I will update mine when I'm pass the six months period.
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    Too early to jump to conclusion!
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