Spotify posted a youtube video and made an entire website (https://timetoplayfair.com/) to convince Apple of holding back their greedy subscription policies.

Dear Spotify, if you really want to fight Apple censorship or anything like that, go build yourself a PWA.

Read more in my article:

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    PWA aren't really accepted on iOS, are they? (I have not updated myself since a while on this subject)

    Apple still thinks it rules the world with 20% market share :')
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    If I want to download my music because I don't want/can't stream music, a PWA can store all my playlists (at least 6 Gbytes)?
    If not, this is not an option.

    And why the people are defending Apple?
    They have a monopoly, and they are not playing fair.
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    @Phlisg completely and totally working. All the features are there
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    @maushax between offline songs and freedom I choose freedom.
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    @uyouthe i would choose offline songs.
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    @uyouthe maybe that's good for you, but no for a user base of millions. So, your solution is not optimal. Maybe can't be considered as a solution, because it can create more problems: you are limited by the browser which runs the PWA, the performance is not the same as a native app, not all the users have an unlimited data plan, and other issues.
    With this option you don't have freedom. This is an illusion of freedom, because you can't have the same features that you can have in other OSes.
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    1. Any browser run PWA
    2. You don’t need a native performance to play songs
    3. With PWA, no one can control you and ruin your business just because
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    This is better publicity/marketing for spoti
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    @devTea thank you for your support!
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    @-red thanks! This really matters to me.
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    @uyouthe dude are you hallucinating? =p
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