Spotify posted a youtube video and made an entire website (https://timetoplayfair.com/) to convince Apple of holding back their greedy subscription policies.

Dear Spotify, if you really want to fight Apple censorship or anything like that, go build yourself a PWA.

Read more in my article:

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    PWA aren't really accepted on iOS, are they? (I have not updated myself since a while on this subject)

    Apple still thinks it rules the world with 20% market share :')
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    @Phlisg completely and totally working. All the features are there
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    @maushax between offline songs and freedom I choose freedom.
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    @uyouthe i would choose offline songs.
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    1. Any browser run PWA
    2. You don’t need a native performance to play songs
    3. With PWA, no one can control you and ruin your business just because
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    This is better publicity/marketing for spoti
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    @devTea thank you for your support!
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    @-red thanks! This really matters to me.
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    @uyouthe dude are you hallucinating? =p
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