I really thought writing code of conduct was easy. Oh, was I wrong.

So being a programmer I created The Code of Conduct Generator!

Even though it's really simple, it can be really helpful for launching a community or conference for the first time.


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    "Don't be an asshole or cause drama"
    k. Done.

    That's a nice catch-all. Someone is a douchecanoe? Bant. Someone is an oversensitive snowflake who freaks at everything? Punt! Drama = bant.

    Someone is a great dev but also a racist fuckwit when naming vars? Deny PR until changed, accept code anyway. Because good code is all that matters.

    If your CoC isn't focused on improving the quality of code contributions, you're doing it wrong.
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    @Root I don’t need any of the brilliant code if it’ll cost the toxic environment in the community.

    It’s not always about the code after all. Meetups and blogs like dev.to need CoC too.
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    @uyouthe Toxic people fall under the asshole and drama clause 😋
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    @uyouthe if you create a toxic environment in your community, you're an asshole
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