Going to present a project in front of 50 people. Wish me luck.
Haxk20 needs it

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    Break a PCB board... err leg, I mean leg!
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    Good luck! And let us know how it went 😁
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    Best of luck
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    @theKarlisK break a transistor leg
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    Probably too late, but...belated good luck?
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    Well it ended up as year before. There were people that had judges as teachers. 3 people were from the same school as 2 judges. So you probably know how it ended. Yup the 3 guys got 1 place 2 place and 3 place. Wooooow. 1 guy made a website that broke on different resolution and was unable to click some buttons and he got second place. While we made 2 devices that communicate with each other trough LoRa and if I add one more device and I set the message to send to device group it would be send as a group message. Basically we made peer to peer network from scratch that worked. We even made our own fucking PCB while the other guy who ended I think on 5th place used a company and just sent them scheme.

    IDK but this doesn't seem fair to have judge who basically gives his students winning places.
    Opinion ?
    Also as its not a school project anymore I will release source code and scheme soon but I need my PC back since its in repair.
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    Start off with a backflip. it's super impressive and is a sure path to having everyone's attention
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    @CaptainJustin Maybe read when it was posted before commenting. LOL
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    Maybe he's running ie
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