Going to build a blog and use the process as an opportunity to learn a full stack. The question is: LAMP or MEAN or smth else?

I have more (albeit very limited) experience with LAMP so the ecosystem seems a bit more transparent. PHP connected to httpd via PHP-FPM. WordPress with MySQL for the blog posts. Or go flat-file with Statamic. Then shared hosting, FTP, etc. But it's all a bit old school and it seems like the grass is greener and growing faster in the fancy JS garden. And JS for front and back sounds appealing as a learning investment.

But with a JS full stack, I don't even know where to start. I know some basic vanilla JS (about as much as I know PHP). Node, Express, Angular? Never touched 'em. But it seems like if you're gonna dive in and learn some web dev in 2019 these are the things to learn, no? Still more questions: how the hell do you build a blog with JS? Do you need a CMS? Flat-file? And how do you host/deploy that stuff? Droplets, virtual machines, containers? Heroku? Digital Ocean?

Can anybody shed any light? I am not trying to overwhelm myself with a stack too complex for a blog (MEAN), nor shoot my future self in the foot learning fading technologies (LAMP).

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    How is using Wordpress “building a blog”, you are not building anything.
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    @helloworld Hahah well, I spent the past couple of days trying to build/configure Apache httpd on Linux, hook it up to PHP, load all the necessary modules, avoid making some terrible error that will make the whole thing crash and burn. My skills and knowledge weren't sufficient to make it work, so I decided to install that shit from official repos which made it much easier but I still need to figure out how to set up the correct PHP modules and config options. I haven't even started on MySQL yet. After seeing the intensity of that learning curve, I am wondering that if I am gonna spend this much time and effort learning something, I want to be sure I am learning a skill that is at least somewhat future proof, hence the recent idea to try the MEAN stack. (I am secretly hoping that it will be easier, but something is telling me that it won't. But at least it's newer(a.k.a. "better")?)
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    @helloworld Ohhh I see what you mean. You mean like building the actual blog functionality? Yeah, totally agree with that. I, erm, didnt think about that part..? I was so focused on just getting the back end foundation set up that actual blog posts seemed so far off into the future that I lost sight of them hahaha. Good point.
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    @helloworld wordpress development is hardcore though, try to add pagination to your own theme and you will find three documentation pages that all say something completely different on the same subject...
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    If you can, Do both. Go for lamp / WordPress then node / ghost. See their differences. You will learn even more.
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    @helloworld we all gotta start somewhere. no need to shit on someone for starting with Wordpress
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    @toriyuno You wouldn’t start your cross country run knee deep in mud would you.
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    @nanl node ghost?
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