Is a raspi zero a bad idea for a small tiny web server?

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    If you want something that handles manual sftp downloads, sure.

    Want to run a React web page on it,
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    Depends on your use case.

    If its a local thingy and not that heavy on resources (static content or tiny php (or whatever language) stuff) you'd be good, if you need more, you can try but don't expect that much :)
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    @irene @Ellis @linuxxx all this is is a static web page with like a bunch of hyperlinks to google docs and pastebin
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    @austudo then it could be okay if not much traffic
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    @austudo Depends on how fancy you want it I guess.

    Like I was getting at, any real fancy stuff is out the window, so you'll be stuck making a 90's style web page.

    Also you'll want to harden it, give it a firewall and install stuff like fail2ban on it.
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    @Ellis it is behind a physical firewall, so ig it's good enough and fail2ban is kind of pointless because there is nothing like js or php to even consider it
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    @austudo You using ssh to get in? You'll need it.
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    @Ellis it's local, so far I'm not planning to make any large changes to it. If I need a quick change I plug the SD card into my pc and do it
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    @Ellis why would a react site be a bad idea on pi?
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    @toriyuno Gigs of libraries, and it's a process hog
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