Has anyone else used the EyeEm app? I uploaded a few nature pictures I've taken there. I like that it has a market and so far I haven't seen the same picture twice. I want to share the pictures I've taken to the public though and EyeEm puts a big watermark on the pictures unless the viewer is signed in.

Recommendations are good too. I'm looking for something like a community but also allows me to share the link to these pictures to non-members.

Thank you.

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    You want to sell also? If not, unsplash is awesome ❤️ anyway please share with us the link once you decide :)
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    @smb26 I'll check that out and let you know. Thanks! Most of the pictures are of beaches, trees, etc. I plan to get an action camera that can be used underwater for my next vacation. I'm not good at these camera thingies though.
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    @rutee07 that’s cool! Now I’m even more curious to see it :D I used to like to take pics of nature or texture :)
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    My son has used it for homework, I think it’s a great app for signs posters and banners ect we used some paid photos from it as well
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    @smb26 I decided to just upload them on Instagram, I know.. -_-

    I tried the app for Unsplash but for some reason, I can't upload directly from the mobile app. Anyway, here's the link:

    I was moody and deleted all the pictures. Google photos managed to back it up but the quality is no longer the same. I'm a dumbass, never again. I'll upload the other pictures from the phone with a better camera once I have it repaired. Let me know if you want to share anything to me too. 🐶

    @irene Just in case you'll find these pictures interesting.
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    @rutee07 I loved them! You’re very good :D

    There’s one of the first pics with a tree that I could definitely use it as wallpaper, and I ended up being your first follower xD

    I’ll take a look if I can find my nature photos to send you
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    @smb26 Thank you!
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