First off, I couldn't copy and paste "wk150" because it was an image, not text !

Coolest thing I've ever built was a building.

Foundations was brick pyramids buried in the ground to spread the loads of the post construction method. (eg. posts at corners, the rest of the building hangs on those.)

Built out of recycled church hardwood, designed to withstand 350 mph winds, no windows !

8ft by 10ft doors.

Had to move 200+ tons of soil by bucket and spade.

I also fell off the roof once..

But luckily landed in a pile of earth, I had piled up in case I fell off !

Built using prefab panels I put together on a jig. (So all sides the same.)

Then the winds came..

Mine was one of only two untouched.

I got the idea from both:


And visiting a hurricane hit area with just one building left standing built out of concrete and bricks, whilst everyone else's was just wood.

Not that wood isn't a good choice, after all, look at Japanese buildings:


Sadly it isn't still there, the local government knocked it down after I moved away !

I'd even got planning permission for it, so no idea why they would get rid of such a useful building !

Perhaps the next one I should make out of concrete and be harder to knock down..

Solo build, apart from the time when I got my Amazon like girlfriend to give me a hand to move the panels into place, as they was so heavy, I couldn't lift them by myself, and had no crane..

No pictures sadly, though I did video it, but the tape got left behind in one of my many moves. :-(

Did the architectural drawings myself too.

Lesson there, believe in yourself, you can do it !

Just takes persistence..

Friends said I was crazy at the beginning !

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