Hmmmm. Laptop in repair. Hinge broke. Well now im on old PC.
BIOS showed 1066Mhz RAM.
Its 1333Mhz RAM FFS.
Sets it to 1666Mhz by accident.
Didnt notice it and did all the usual stuff i do on PC.
After 6 hours i notice it. RAM runs cool.
Well overclocked fucking RAM and its stable. Nothing to complain about.
Lets overclock CPU now. 3Ghz dual core just isnt gonna cut it. AMD athlon II X2 250.
And yes this is Haxk20 for those wondering.

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    Do hinges on acers still break by themselves or did you damage it?

    An upgrade to Phenom II X4 might be worthwhile if you can find one cheap enough.
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    @electrineer They broke themselfs. Weird i know.

    Yes i know its upgrade thats worth it but i mean i will get the lappy back in a month or so. So i think its not really worth it.
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    @Haxk20 Acer has a long history with broken hinges. Usually they last until the end of warranty period, but maybe they play more risky with the new models?
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    @Haxk20 is it because the hinge locked due to dust? That happened on my old Lenovo laptop. Crap design.
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    @electrineer First of all welcome to 9K club now.

    Now well yeah i know acer has crappy hinges. when i get laptop back i will add some glue or some shit near the end of the hinges where they broke last time so they will last.
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    @RememberMe I mean its very much possible but i dont know. I just know that when i was opening the lid i just heard crack and the panel started to separate and i had to open it carefully as the screen was bending since it was atached to bottom hinge which was stuck in place so i had to manually open the bottom hinge to open it without breaking anything.

    But from the guy in the store they didnt have this issue for a long time.

    I mean yeah when i was opening the laptop i was opening it quiet fast but still from center always and when i had the laptop opened i didnt close it for few hours so the hinge didnt get so stress as from normal user.


    What im going to do is probably to get the entire laptop chassy from alluminium somehow. This way it will cost me a lot but it will fucking last a shit ton more. if you look at Acer nitro 5 and that red bar at back i will most likely 3D print that as i dont quiet like the weird red look. On photos it looks really red which
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    would be cool but its just not that red and looks to be honest horrible. I will 3D scan it with a friend and 3D print it in blue filament. next will be upgrade to the screen. 45% sRGB colors is horrible and as i saw what 120Hz screen looks like i will upgrade to 300 nits 120Hz 79% sRGB screen. Also thats IPS so fucking amazing.

    But before that is RAM.

    I will not even explain how horrible this RAM whats inside is. Its just fucking horrible piece of shit that runs like this RAM which i have in this PC right now. Total utter shit.

    Timings are just shit.

    And the CPU isnt running at its full speed due to this.

    That would be most likely all for the upgrades.
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    Oh yeah i forgot a SSD which is inside thats total bullshit too.

    Will upgrade it to 512Gb M.2 SSD and the 5400RPM drive will be replaced by 1TB SSD.

    For laptop i payed 869E and with all the upgrades it will cost me around:

    869E laptop

    120$ screen

    100$ RAM

    250$ Replace HDD for SSD

    150$ for 512Gb M.2 SSD

    Soooooooo yeahhhhhhh.
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    Thanks for writing your name in your rant. How else could we learn that
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    @hack The name there wasnt for you. It was for the people that come to comments and just say.

    Yup its your rant. Knew even before i came into comments.

    So i just tell in rant that its me and i dont get those stupid comments.
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    @Haxk20 yup it sounds exactly like what happened to my laptop. I had to get the hinge replaced too, but then sort of gave up on it for other reasons (motherboard crapped out, etc).
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    @rememberme I don't kind of care what they do. Just that I know they have to fix it. I just want it fixed. I have to get it back asap as I need it in school..
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    does ram speed matter that much?
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    @toriyuno Ouuuuuu yeah. You would be suprised what a difference it makes on Ryzen.
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