Edinburg, Scotland is a really awesome city. Highly recommend visiting. Total Harry Potter vibe. Tons of red heads, finally i feel like I've found my people!

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    Eat some haggis! Unless you're a vegetarian, you'll never have a better chance than this! It is, as my Liverpudlian friend says, "bloody marvelous."
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    Will definitely give it a go. Thanks for the tip.

    After work tomorrow totally plan on hanging out in the city. This is the first place I've been in the last few years that I'm actually excited to get out and really give it a go. London was blah last year, Serbia was ok, but didn't feel very welcome, here is just amazing so far. Have to rate it as most friendly place I've visited.

    So many coffee shops! I really really like this place. By end of week it could definitely usurp Copenhagen to become my most favorite place in the entire world.

    The people here are absolutely amazingly beautiful and super friendly. More friendly than most places I've been to in Europe, generally I'm just ignored and trying to have idle conversations with locals in other European cities had been somewhat tedious, probably because they are so used to ignorant tourists they just try to avoid foreigners altogether, but in Scotland, everyone is ready for conversation and small talk. I really do like it and I've only been here 6 hours so far.

    I might have to convince my boss to let me move here and work out of the Dalkeith office.
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    I could go there if you promise me that those "statues" aren't Weeping Angels
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    That's really cool, will have to take a look when i get to the castle.

    I always find European history so exciting and fascinating. Back home, I always have to remind my countrymen 200 years isn't much of a history when they think that the entire world came into existence in 1776. :)
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    So, walking down the royal mile, I got on off street with a tiny yellow building with a small chalkboard outside that reads "Best hagis in town!"

    I walk into the establishment and it was a little pub (for life of me cannot remember name) meant to take pic of outside of building but forgot.

    Anyways, they had two hagis dishes. One had a different sauce, the other was traditional.

    I ordered the traditional. It was 25 quid for the dish (expensive!) But worth it. Omg it was so good. Ofc it was heavy and i didn't have to eat again for a month. So now it's one of my fav dishes.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    Had the best hagis that night and then the best fish and chips I've ever had the next night.

    I'll be going back to Scotland sometime next year for work again. Plan on taking a week vacation while I'm there and touring up the isles and lochs.

    I think, no I'm 100% sure Scotland is my favourite part of the world. I wouldn't even really consider it as the UK except politically. The people are so much friendlier, the culture so much more dynamic than mainland UK.

    As it turns out, my great great grandfather migrated from Scotland. I was always told he was from England, but that was generic, he is actually from Scotland.

    The Alexanders in my family are from Scotland, the Fords from Ireland, and the Koziks from Poland, and the DiCiccos from Italy.

    All migrated from their respective countries in the early 1900s (1905 thru 1908, during the great migration) through Ellis island, met in NY and Mass and created my current lineage. Crazy to think about. I'm only 3rd generation American.

    In fact, many of my cousins are still in touch with relatives in respective countries. Next time, I'm going to talk to some cousins in the Alexander lineage and go visit some relatives.
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    i prefer cities with more soul
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    Which cities have this soul you speak of?
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