A company that I can only describe as North Korea. The team if full of fresh graduates who started their career there, worships the manager, and have never seen the outside world. Every company has politics and minor annoyances but this one stands out as absolutely ridiculous.

Here, frequent emotional abuse and humiliation is common and is right. New hires are taught that the only way to be a good leader is to verbally abuse their subordinates to the point of crying. The cream of the crop in this company would be considered complete morons in other companies. The skill of typing in the right keywords to the search engine and copy/pasting code makes them MVPs.

In this company, even system admins don't know how to "grep". Developers just click buttons in an IBM suite, write some Python script to compute something, and call themselves developers. They are so proud of themselves and believe they can take over the world because they are highly competent.

Professional hires are not valued and considered threats because they question and stand up to the supreme leader. Team leads, managers, and senior managers obsess about an employee's Twitter activity and gossip about what time they came in the office and left.

So much time is spent on estimations that wouldn't matter anyway because they will be adjusted to fit the actual hours to make the company look good. Everything is pointless and loud power trips are encouraged. The measure of competency is not based on technical prowess and effective communication, it's about how loud and verbally abusive you can be.

Tribe members suck each other's souls and bully who they consider as outsiders to feel better about themselves. Very few professional hires and even fresh graduates reach the six month mark before submitting their immediate resignation letters or just disappearing completely.

The smartest ones leave while the dumb ones stay. What option do they have? This is the only place where they can feel smart. This leads to a high concentration of naive juniors with huge egos running around like the next Torvalds. Overtime is admired when more often than not, it's unnecessary and shows inefficiency rather than hardwork.

Here, cunt whore leads and managers can arrange a meeting to have an audience for their useless power trips. A random ass bitch can turn a 15 minute scrum into two hours and suggest all 50+ developers to write MOMs without getting laughed out, otherwise the scent of her vagina meat will explode to everyone's faces.

Here, juniors are entitled and complain about their salaries despite having no technical skills. Intellectuals are passive aggresively picked on with the assumption that they think they're too smart.

Whoever questions the supreme leader and their current delusions are demonized. This includes a very intelligent and reasonable manager who quit because he was not provided anyone to manager because the supreme leader refuses to share power. The only to survive is to caress the supreme leader's ego while doing damage from the inside.

Everyone else have an epic slave mentality. No one says no to the client and everyone comes to work whenever they are told to. When you instruct them not to accomodate any more requests, they look at you like you lost your sanity. The only way to reform anything or anyone is to get the supreme leader on your side.

All that manipulation games were fun while they lasted. But team members crying to you and hugging you on their last days because you were the only one who stood up to them takes a toll on your mental health.

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    Holy shit 😱

    Why were you there for so long, my dear?
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    @irene I was stupid. Our previous team leader left and I took it as my responsibility to protect my members. In the end, they all left after I did.
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    @rutee07 you should've done that earlier
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    @irene Yeah, dumbass me thought I could change something. The good thing is I was able to negotiate more money from my current employer after I got a promotion from that previous company.
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    @rutee07 yay! But does not really cost your mental health 😘
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    @irene True. I'm just trying hard not to regret anything but I'm never gonna pull off something like this ever again. I'm just a sucker for victims of bullying. I find it hard to resist. I realized I'm better off fending for myself instead of being responsible for other people.
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    @rutee07 you - first. Other people - second.
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    @irene Sharing this story makes me want to put a gun into my mouth. It's so cringey and it makes feel stupid and vulnerable as fuck. Lol. Oh well.
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    @rutee07 nah, stop. You're a nice girl
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    @irene Put a gun in someone else's mouth?
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    @rutee07 no. Just relax
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    @irene But.. but.. where to put gun?! Ass?
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    @rutee07 stop it >__<
    Better find yourself a firm dick to ride on 😁
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    @irene Good suggestion. 🐕
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    Holy shit, dude. Glad you managed to escape from an horrible place
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    You got my ++ at North Korea
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    I had stuff like this at my former company, not the extent you're describing, but close. One time I got so mad that blood started dripping out of my nose.
    That's when I realised the following:
    1. It's not worth it
    2. Don't get mad, get even
    3. Always have an escape plan.

    It took me 3 days to find a new job with better atmosphere, culture, pay and benefits.
    The Universe provides to those in need.

    From now on, when you see shit like this, just leave as fast as you can. You'll live longer.
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    How the hell is this company still running? This should fall apart ages ago...
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    @gitpush same with North Korea. Should’ve collapsed decades ago.
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    Holy shit, that's some serious rant out there
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    @gitpush I don't think that team will be around for very long. They only managed to acquire a big US client, after that they always say there will be a new one but it never happens. The project itself is a shit show. Lots of re-designs happened and it's raining defects because the childish devs think they're too good to write proper unit tests.

    The bullies themselves have been trying to get out of there due to their low salaries but they've been trying for years. I doubt any company would accept them given their "competence". They are all pretty much stuck in the hell of their own creation.
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    @kgbemployee Oh my god, that has to be some extreme shit for blood to drip out of your nose. It took me several months to find a new job. I was very careful in choosing the next one. I'm more wary about my savings now. In case these things happen again, I'll be out fast.

    Good to know you're in a better place now, man. Feeling your head exploding everyday is very uncomfortable.
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    @rutee07 well, I raged a bit too much. As for feeling my head exploding, yeah it sucked, until it actually exploded.
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    @rutee07 oh GOD.. happy for you tho, good luck for the new job
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    Glad you left. Is this company is situated in some south Asian country ? I am experiencing this and looking for a new job.
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    @AngryDev9981 Yes, but it's the only company I've been with that's toxic like this though. My other previous companies, especially the first one, was good and I met a lot of role models there. My current company is pretty awesome too. Good luck to your job hunt.
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    @rutee07 My experience has taught me that victims of bullying are in that circumstance because they continue to allow the causal links that lead to it to occur. They don't want to do the work to break out of the comfort of being bullied. Plus, they get attention from people like you, who have a sense of justice. I'm very pleased to hear you broke out of that shite hole.
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    Bloody hell, reading this is a substitute for watching a horror movie. Sounds like a PTSD production line. :(
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    jesus, did you happen to work in... uh...

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    Was like that at irobot too
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