This post is more like rant + help/suggestions needed

I am a fresher but have built few things so this startup hired me as a frontend developer.they were looking for some guy with 2 years of experience but found me and said you are good fit and hired me. And I had to move to another city which is far away from my place and as they didn't have option for remote work. Now real trouble began on my joining letter they mentioned that working hours will be 9am to 7pm Monday to Saturday. I was okay with that considering founders have really nice past record and I joined. for First few days it was okay. Then they started saying we have deadlines and started pushing me to spend more hours. 12 hours everyday. I thought it will be okay once deadline is finished. But condition never changed they keep saying we have deadlines. And make me work for 12 hours a day. It's been 6 months like this. And things didn't change. They don't even pay me much at end of month I almost end up with 0 savings after paying all my bills. I don't even get time to learn new things as I don't get time to as at the end of a day I am completely exhausted. Neither I get weekends on Saturdays. While my roommate who is completely noob and says Ubuntu and Linux is different thing and asks how one installs putty on Ubuntu ._. and he gets far better pay than me for 8hr job and 2 weekly offs and he is fresher aswell I am hell confused ;-;

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    You can take your 6 months and leave for a better place but since you know you're being used, I don't have anything more to say.

    Also, welcome to devRant and to many more rants.
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    I am afraid it will look bad on my resume that I left my first job in just first month and I have signed NDA and their product isn't public yet so I can't even show it to anyone if someone asks me what I did there in 6 month I feel trapped real bad.
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    You can always say what technologies you used. That is (usually) not sensitive information. Also take interviews before you leave this job. Having the possibility to leave is your freedom, possibly the only one.
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    Thank you Pickman
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    @Pickman +1 to this. Try to avoid leaving until you have found something else if you can to avoid issues paying bills. That 6 months of experience is still good to put on your CV and to talk about at interviews. As long as you don't job hop every 6 months, i dont see a problem leaving then. If its not a good fit then you move on, simple as.
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