Current one,

I had a hunch it's gonna be a shitshow the moment I first met the scrum master, I thought it could be a good challenge to see if I can salvage this sinking ship, I had never regret something as much as this one,

It's full of political bs, people pretending to work, different divisions shifting blames, IT division that exist just because, Business guys not having any clear picture of what they want to do, probably something common in the corporate scene,

Most recent bs,

1. They restricted the internet access on the floor, limited it to be accessible only by non IT person,

Reason allegedly being, the business guys always had a prejudice towards the IT guys, they have always been envious to the IT guys being the one having all the spotlight by only sitting around the office while the business guys had to go outside and travel a lot.

The reason was justified by their response during most recent meeting to discuss "new feature", when the IT guys mentioned about the internet being down, the business head's response was,

"That is unfortunate, it makes sense though, it's (access point) not called IT-NET, soo..."

2. By the end of last year, there were series of full day meeting conducted for a whole week to discuss about the "new feature", suffice to say it was meaningless,

The decision kept changing after several more subsequent meetings, and the current (not final) decision has nothing remotely similar to the one discussed last year,

3. Recently someone had trouble with their git branch, apparently several hundred files were deleted, and several hundred others had changes, and the person had no recollection of doing so, I checked the origin, the most recent push was from several days ago,

I asked to check the git status, and it's all unstaged files, so I told the person to install a gui, that should help to see the changes,

To my surprise, in a low voice the person whispered "tch, such a bother", I pretended I did not hear that, though I still insisted the person to use a gui, but ignoring what I said, the person kept asking what's wrong to another person, they refuse to use gui though they always did merging/branching mistakes

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    wow O_O
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    Oh shit 😱
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    Wow 😮
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    You should have replied him that a real bother is to deal with incompetent people who can not use git properly or at least be responsible for its own mistakes, leaving you to clean their stupid mess xD and then leave
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    If I were you, someday I would've break some computers with baseball bat and leave the office. How can you still take these bs!
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    @gitpush @irene @coder-pikachu yes, wow

    @filthyranter yes, I have been planning to do so for a while now, hopefully my most recent attempt will yield better result than my previous ones

    @smb26 on the earlier days I was the go to guy for everything, I took my job seriously, I thought that I could pass on good influence by showing them how to do things properly, which doesn't bode well, at first I thought it was because the scrum master doesn't know shit and acting like a pissant about it,

    Then after forcefully removing the scrum master from the equation, I thought it would be better, turns out it wasn't, at all, because apparently the rest of the team are lazy fucks who aren't even motivated to learn in doing everything properly,

    If anything, the scrum master actually served as a buffer (not that he is useful in any other way), because at that time everyone had someone to put the blame on when shit happens,

    After that, I stopped caring (which is unprofessional, but I am at my wits end), and shit starts hitting the fan, it's a thunderous diarrhea btw, nobody knows how to do anything, nobody knows which shit goes where, it's been a year ffs, and they haven't learned anything at all,

    Leaving this carnival has been on my agenda for a while,

    @sudiptodas hoho, I was 👌🏻 this close to losing my shit everytime I come to the office or when I had interaction with the business guys, there's always new shit everyday I could probably compile it into a memoir if I remember it all,

    The reason I haven't left yet is because I haven't found a new job, but the thought of resigning and being unemployed while looking for a new job rather than being here had crossed my mind,
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    Holy :|
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    Here's a bonus,

    A guy has been trying to download an android emulator image for the past 2 days,

    Since our floor has no internet at the moment, one of the solution is to use the tiny leakage of wifi from the upper floor, I downloaded mine a while ago though it took longer time than usual, I started the download and moved on to another task or leave it be until it's finished,

    This guy has been switching back and forth between using the wifi and tethering from his phone, it kinda goes like this,

    *starts download
    *10-20 minutes later, the download is stuck
    *switched to tethering
    *download failed
    *restart the download
    *download is slower than using wifi
    *switch to wifi
    *download failed
    *restart download
    ... and so on, for 2 whole days

    I told him to just leave it while connected to wifi, there are parts of the download that seems stuck but it'll move eventually, what he said was, "it's slow, and tethering to my phone is slower"

    Suit yourself then...

    His brain in a nutshell
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    you had me at no. 1 😮
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