By and far undergrad in the USA

Full of a bunch of social justice blow-hards that think they’ve seen and thought of everything and can now preach the gospel and everybody has to listen to the garbage coming out of them

They went around vandalizing campus, threatening to kill people and telling whatever bullshit they had to to get people they didn’t like expelled, and for what? Some blasted ideology tho which they fundamentally owe nothing. And in doing so they literally embodied the very thing they proclaimed to hate in volumes (let’s not even mention the irony of the fact that they hate /anything/ much less brag about it) so copious it made people who own 500 guns look like a basket full of kittens.

Can’t say I blame them though, that’s just what happens when we force people that are on the dull side of things into an environment full of these “big” ideas. They probably never had a chance to shine at anything before and now all of a sudden they can run their mouth and get the dogmatic compelled applause and they develop an appetite for it. It’s just basic human psychology.

Of course I’m salty about it because I was frequently the target of these racist drunken crack-heads (yes, they were on basically everything, because of course; the mark of a true enlightened spirit is copious amounts of party drug use), so I won’t forget it believe me.

So in short, fuck undergrad, and I wish the best of a warm shower of bricks and asbestos for our brilliant friends.

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    @irene nope, that would be illegal.
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    this af. did you hear the shit where apparently knitting is racist now?
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    @mjones44 what? I’ve been knitting since I was 10. So since I’m a man who knots that probably means I’m in a protected group now.

    So lay it on me.. how is knitting racist?
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    So, you've been to school 
    For a year or two 
    And you know you've seen it all πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅
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    @Nicci reminds me of a South Park quote: “we just finished our first semester in college, and our professors opened our eyes”
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    @FrodoSwaggins it has something to do with it being an expensive hobby (I don't knit so I can't speak to the truth of that) and I guess they're saying black people are typically less wealthy, but isn't THAT assumption the racist part? I don't get it man, it's like people are addicted to outrage.
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    @mjones44 knitting is pretty cheap honestly. The needles cost like 8 bucks maybe and then yarn is like 5 bucks and it’s like a month of entertainment plus you get free stuff that you made out of it. It’s cheaper than buying the clothes, which to me means it’s a free or even wealth creating hobby. Interesting though, thanks for the info.
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    @mjones44 oh... not Vox...

    @FrodoSwaggins That warm shower of bricks and asbestos would be an entertaining thing to watch. Well articulated! bwahahaha
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    What annoys me the most is when you say something and someone super special is hurt by this it automatically means that you said something discriminatory and you should get penalized for this
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    @PonySlaystation @irene yeah, Vox is the journalistic equivalent of elephant diarrhea. if you can even call it "journalistic".
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