The reason my pay raise request was declined, a particular line of the contract that says:
"..you will be expected to carry out such duties as the company may reasonably require from time to time."
translation: "Even though we paid the contract tester a lot of money to do less than you do we hit the jackpot with you because we can pay you peanuts and make you do whatever else we want".

I'm angry and my first thought was to quit but I need the money. Despite the improvements and increase in productivity of the testing team all because of me, I don't even get a "we'll think about it" just a flat out NO. Fuck this.

Time to write an email and make my request official, highlighting my achievements etc since you can't discuss like a civilized, concerned person on the phone.

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    sorry to hear fam :(
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    I've had this in pretty much all my contracts.
    It means they can ask you to help out now and again with stuff that's not officially part of your role.
    It does NOT mean that they can add to/change the scope of your role as the mood takes them.
    I'm not sure of the exact laws where you are so can't offer specific advice.

    Also be wary of anonymous advice on the internet, except for this... ;)
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    Leave as soon as you can from there. And maybe slap them with this, before or after your resignation at your preference: https://quora.com/An-employee-asked...
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    @Condor Yes, I intend to, I already have something promising though would require a huge but satisfying change. Thanks man
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