Am i the only one finding some of these things a bit silly, that they try to describe "AI" as something living.

And all that with data isnt it already protected under other laws.

Whats your opinion about this?


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    EU disincentivizing investment again.
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    An AI that's lawful and ethical will recommend coup d'etats worldwide; I'm not sure that's what they want.
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    Sentient AIs are a thing of science fiction. This just shows again how delusional the EU is.
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    AI will eventually either save humanity or destroy it. Humans will become immortals, paperclips, or (dead) obstacles.

    Going to be quite awhile, though.
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    As for the EU?
    Total mockery.
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    @RantSomeWhere No it doesn't, the term AI is just used wrong. I would rather say they meant "automated decisions" or decisions based on machine learning. Those could lead to discriminatory or plain wrong decisions (e.g. there are more false positives of facial detection for women or persons with a dark skin colour).

    I agree that this is at least bad wording (e.g. "human centric AI", WTF?), but what is bad about the proposal?
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    This assumes that AI is in any way comparable to a sentient living being. If only the EU politicians knew that AI is to if loops as recursion is to for loops. There's no smarts in it whatsoever, just some clever programming. Sentient AI's, give me a break... Hurr durr, AI ez Termenator!!!
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    @RocketSurgeon they’re not anti-investment they’re just saying to be careful and take steps to make sure what you create doesn’t harm others.
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    It's funny how so many people automatically assume any form of "sentient" AI will immediately try to kill us all.
    Projecting much?
    Frankly, I think it says far more about the (messed up) psychology of those who genuinely believe that.

    Assuming it's even gonna be able to - I mean wtf is a talking rock gonna do, annoy me to death with rickroll videos until I pull the plug off? Sure it may be sentient, but it still has to live in the physical world - good luck surviving after I flick the switch. Oh, you wanna connect to the internet? That's cute, but it's a no from my firewall. Like what, is it gonna magically learn how to self-replicate across machines that it has no physical way to access?

    And if anyone actually somehow decides that it would be a good idea to connect any loaded weapon to a computer program that is literally throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks - well, we'll definitely have the ultimate winner of the Darwin Awards.
    (Brb reposting this as an actual rant)
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    AI my ass.

    Those silly algorithms worth gazillions can’t even pass simple math test.

    Someone lost their minds and trying to behave as God.

    This fucking civilization is doomed.

    Time to wait for reboot.
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