16 yrs old. KFC. School all day, fried chicken all night. Had to debone chicken for hours cause that’s what they put in your mashed potato bowels. It made me realize very quickly that my destiny belonged at a desk vaping, eating kfc and writing code

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    You worked there and still eat it?
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    @Root I just don’t eat the mashed potato bowls or original recipe. Crispy and grilled is great, and their Nashville hot style.. damn it I’m hungry again
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    @dUcKtYpEd 😅
    I must admit I do really like KFC's chicken. Their everything else is awful, though.

    Why don't you like original? Is there a reason, or just preference?
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    @Root they sit under the heat lamps which are contained in glass so the water evaporates and drips back down on the chicken leading to soggy breading. That’s why their original a lot of times kinda soggy and bleh. Their crispy and grilled usually cooked to order or near order though. It takes an extremely large person to cook their chicken. Their process is great despite letting shit sit out.
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    Why do young people think vaping is cool? Not a rhetorical question genuinely interested
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    @FrodoSwaggins it’s cool not to inhale toxic smoke laced with rat poison. I just like being able to take my nicotine indoors. I don’t blow clouds.
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    @FrodoSwaggins but I’ll admit when I’m alone I find it strange comfort sitting in a cloud of smoke peering over code.
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    @iamavalos I am genuinely interested, too.
    I would absolutely make fried chicken if I could make it that tasty.

    Though if I ran a chain restaurant, I wouldn't teach anyone the recipes, but instead send out spice blends and the like.
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    @Root I just use a lot of cayenne pepper and flour. Seems to turn out ok
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    @iamavalos haha now KFCs recipe is just 2 inches thick of breading and a mouthful of sass to throw at the customer, so they feel like they’ve fought for that food when they’ve got it. That’s why the hood kfcs taste better. You mentally worked your way through four employees mouths and eye rolls. You’ve earned that chicken that they hopefully haven’t laced with angel dust. It’s ok. It adds to the suspense
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    @dUcKtYpEd I don’t think vaping is risk free. Sure it’s a whole different thing than smoking cigarettes but nicotine is still nicotine, inhaling thick vapor means infection risk, and some of the “flavors” have been shown to cause cancer. And you’d think you could just pick the ones that “don’t” but remember there was a time when “smoking was good for you” too.

    Also, vaping still leaves residue on walls and ceiling just like cigarettes. I don’t let people do it in my house. Ymmv
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    @FrodoSwaggins I’m hearing you out 100% but I’ve not read any clear warnings and/or serious cancer risks associated with it. There was a month or two where I was genuinely interested in finding a reason not too vape. Everything I read seemed like speculation or just restating that nicotine is addicting. The anti smoking adds only mention that it’s nicotine and increases chance of going to cigarettes. Which I agree there are too many kids finding vape cool and harmless so they get into and are nicking hard at 16 finding other alternatives. For the toilet vape juice though yeah I agree that shit can really cause issues and anyone’s that’s buying should have a trusted vendor that is nationally reputable, not Toms vape shack next to the super Walmart. Done that before and made me real sick.
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    @FrodoSwaggins When addicted to nicotine, vaping is 99% better alternative then cigarettes. Ofc no-one should be running around saying it's healthy, nicotine itself causes problems.

    No burning, what you inhale is mainly made of water vapor. Only question is if some flavoring chemicals couldn't cause problems.
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    Cant edit. Checkout very nice documentary about this, A Billion Lives @FrodoSwaggins
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    @GTom I guess my point is if you don’t already smoke, you’d be better off not starting to vape. It’s quite literally the next smoking. Well, weed is actually but you know what I mean.

    Especially when the OP says he’s 16 years old. At that age either you started smoking at 14 (hey, it happens) or you started because your friends do it or you wanted to be edgy. Those aren’t good reasons to do something.
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