The worst I’ve experienced was a psychopath boss who liked to throw employees against each other with lies and gossips. He loved to talk shit about everybody, used to disappear during the whole project just to appear at end anticipating the deadlines and scolding everybody.

Plus he used delay monthly paychecks in 2 weeks minimum and liked to say that this practice was good to find out who’s loyal and thick skin.

But now my bosses are quite toxic too and I feel gaslighted because I’m unsure up to which point it’s my fault.

Guess things never change much.

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    These stories make me afraid to leave where I am at because the next place might be worse. :| seems there is a lot of "toxic" work environments in this field.
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    Give them a lesson
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    Toxic bosses are never your fault, they become like that because they pressure themselves to much with 1 week deadlines etc.
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    @Codex404 it’s a little bit complex,

    One of them is kind of emotional vampire and has a lot of satisfaction of putting people down, since I am easy to spoil the mood looks like I am his new favorite victim.

    He always poking by complaining that I’m slow, that I struggle with easy things and for some period he tried to blame me for listening convos in a open office (which honestly, even when I have music it’s hard to not listen accidentally tiny bits) lol which evolved to him criticizing me out loud but not directly to me.

    And the other boss? He used to verbally abuse the first very loud and in a toxic way to the point that a few times I ended up asking if it was possible to stop.

    About the deadlines usually they skip work until the last moment when then they will go and work their ass off like crazy.
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    @smb26 its not complex at all, even if you write one character per day they have no reason to behave like that, sure they would be able to fire you, butt hat behavior is unacceptable and you should never feel them being shitty is on you...
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    From which country are you from?

    Isn’t there a board or something where it is possible to complain about this behavior or is the company to small? :(
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