3 first things that come to mind when you hear "JAM Stack". Go!!

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    JavaScript, APIs, markup.
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    @Fast-Nop This is brilliant!
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    1. What
    2. Is
    3. Jam
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    1. Whut?
    2. Hm?
    3. He?
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    Whenever I hear JAM stack the first thing I think of is some kind of party
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    This ain't nothing but the summer jam
    brown skin and singing and dance ye-e-eeaahh
    this is nothing but the summer jam
    we're gonna party as much as we can

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    1. https://youtube.com/watch/... (Spaceballs radar jammed scene)
    2. https://youtube.com/watch/... (Pump up the jam song)
    3. Nothing serious comes to mind.
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    Toast... Lots of toast
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    Game jam networking stack.

    Features Like, LAN Discovery, Firewall Hole Punching, and a "just sync everything" approach.

    Would be kinda nice to be honest.
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    Btw., if you are thinking about a learning project, then I'd recommend vanilla everything. No frameworks, no generators.

    These tools work as abstractions, but if you don't really know what is being abstracted away, you will always fall flat once the abstraction leaks or doesn't do what you want. Besides, the tools are always changing fashions, the fundamentals not so much.
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    Space Jam.
    Nothing comes after that
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